Brun-Invest's subsidiaries offer tailor-made solutions to meet their customers' exceptional or recurring needs: Specific equipment, centralised operation, storage, handling.

The first example of our adaptability:

A centralised organisation since June 2016 for Bitumen operations at Servanin, with an operator who organises flows between the various customers and subsidiaries working on this activity.

Another example:

During the three-year shutdown of one of our customers, Blondel and Jung joined forces to organise all the hazardous material flows for this plant, which were previously handled by several hauliers. As a result, almost 230 shipments were handled in record time and with great success. This result was only possible thanks to :

  • Management's clear determination to embark on an unprecedented project
  • A deliberate and incisive marketing campaign
  • Meticulous preparation by a highly committed operations department
  • Blondel and Jung drivers motivated and aware of the issues at stake
  • Monitors involved in loading or on the road
  • No incidents on the road or during loading and unloading
  • Reliable and indispensable subcontractors as back-up.