Intermodal transport

Discover our complete range of "decarbonised" transport solutions, designed to meet your logistics needs while protecting the environment.

From single-unit operations to the creation of complete trains, for several decades the Brun Group has been developing modal shift solutions for its customers wherever possible.

We are committed to providing environmentally-friendly solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

With a fleet of 200 intermodal transport units (ITUs) and 140 chassis at your disposal, we can meet a variety of logistics needs.

Our door-to-door service is designed to provide seamless transport, guaranteeing the integrity of your goods throughout the journey.

Our commitment to combined transport is demonstrated by the operation of an intermodal terminal, offering advantages in terms of convenience and efficiency.

Our team of experts will be happy to help you find the best solutions to optimise your supply chain and help protect the environment.

Why choose INTERMODAL transport?

Combined or multimodal transport is a logistics method that offers greater efficiency, lower costs and a lower carbon footprint for freight transport.

In practice, intermodal transport is the marriage of 2 modes: road and rail, for example.
Rail absorbs the long distances, while road provides the initial and final journeys without breaking loads.

Intermodal transport is a means of transport :




High capacity

Thanks to combined transport, there are 1,000,000 fewer lorries on France's roads every year, but also...

6x less energy consumption vs road

9x lower emissions
de CO₂ vs route

85x fewer road accident victims vs. road accidents