Liquefied natural gas has become an important area of development for the Brun Group.

This fuel is one of the alternative energies that reduce NOX emissions.

With a fleet of vehicles running on LNG, the Brun Group has chosen to diversify into the transport of this molecule, whether for bunkering ships, supplying service stations or refuelling industrial storage tanks.

How is LNG LNG delivered?

Naturally, given our experience in cryogenic gas, the Brun Group decided to build its own tanks.

So we have our own fleet of tankers, all equipped with metered distribution.

These single-tank tanks, with a capacity of 23 tonnes, are towed by LNG-powered vehicles and then loaded at LNG terminals in France, Spain and Belgium.

We also tow our customers' equipment and offer them servicing and maintenance of their vehicles in our integrated workshops.

Our customers