Environment and construction

Over the years, the Brun Group has acquired a large number of vehicles specialising in the transport of building products and waste.

Whether it's a tipper, an ampliroll, a flatbed, a concrete mixer, a tipper carrier with or without a grapple or a multi-tipper carrier, the group is committed to meeting customers' needs with the right equipment.

Our drivers are also qualified to transport hazardous waste with Trackdéchets, and specialise in the evacuation and transport of sludge and slops from ships by tanker.

What products and waste are transported and delivered?

How are environmental and construction products delivered?

The Brun Group is equipped to meet the most specific customer requirements (pallet carriers, straps, 4-strand chains).

The environment and construction category also includes transport by exceptional convoy.

The Groupe Brun can transport agricultural equipment on a trailer, general goods on a tarpaulin truck, and various materials on a flatbed truck.

Our customers