Because roads are the very essence of our business, we have developed our expertise in the transport of bitumen and emulsions.

Transporting bitumen is an essential component of many road construction and waterproofing projects.

As specialists in this sector, we fully understand the challenges associated with transporting this high-temperature material.

Our fleet of specially equipped vehicles and our trained teams ensure that bitumen is transported in complete safety, in compliance with the strictest safety and environmental protection standards.

We are proud to contribute to the success of crucial infrastructure projects by ensuring that bitumen reaches its destination in the best possible condition, thereby supporting the quality of the infrastructure.

How is bitumen delivered?

The Brun Group has thermally insulated tanks, vented from the ground, to avoid the risk of splashing when the dome is opened and falls when working at height.

We transport and deliver bitumen to construction sites and/or asphalt plants.

Bitumen is a hot product (between 150°C and 200°C); this is where the product's main danger lies, making it compulsory for drivers to wear properly fitted PPE.

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