Exceptional convoy

As a haulier specialising in abnormal loads, we move them safely and efficiently.

Our expertise in this field enables us to manage complex transport operations, such as the movement of oversized industrial parts and heavy equipment. We also specialise in transporting other goods that exceed the weight and size limits allowed on traditional roads. Our transport services cover a wide range, from category 1 to category 3.

We recognise the unique challenges of transporting such loads, which is why we undertake careful planning, obtain the necessary permits and provide escort services to ensure the safety and integrity of goods in transit.

Our commitment to efficiency and regulatory compliance makes us a trusted partner for major infrastructure projects and for all customers with exceptional transport needs.

What products are transported and delivered by convoy?

How is a special delivery convoy delivered?

Our range of transport services extends to 2nd and 3rd category transport, covering a wide variety of goods including those that may require specialised handling and equipment.

For more conventional loads, we offer standard trays providing a versatile solution for transporting a variety of goods.

For longer or more bulky goods, our extendible trays are specially designed to adapt to different load sizes, ensuring optimum flexibility.

What's more, our extendible low-loaders are ideal for transporting particularly high or heavy goods, while allowing easy loading and unloading.

Lastly, we offer transport services for heavy equipment and construction vehicles.

Whatever type of goods you need to transport, our diversified fleet and logistics expertise guarantee a solution tailored to your specific needs.