To ensure customer satisfaction, the Brun Group is committed to providing a comprehensive, high-quality service by offering a complementary activity, the internal washing of road tankers.

Whether in the food or non-food industry, these washing stations represent an essential link in preserving the quality and safety of the products transported.

Based in Dunkirk and Mulhouse, these facilities carry out complete internal washings in line with customer requirements (hauliers, shippers).

Under prefectoral decree, the Brun Group also guarantees a safe environment that complies with environmental regulations and standards.

Other services are also offered within our facilities: steam heating of loaded tankers to keep the product at a temperature that allows it to be unloaded, external washing (bodywork) or internal washing of tippers, or even recycling after washing IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers).

Because our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is at the heart of our mission.