On behalf of a company operating in the chemical industry, we set up a cracking station for adipic acid. This non-ADR product comes in powder form and is used in the manufacture of nylon.

Under normal circumstances, 80% of production is shipped in bulk by silo truck, silo container or dry with liner and wagons.

Every 2 years, the production line for this product is shut down for 5 weeks to allow the machines to be serviced. In order not to create a product shortage and to remain present with its customers, the factory produces more of this product, 6 months before the stoppage and this product is packaged in Big Bag.

Some of this is stored at the plant for wagons and containers, but the remaining 14,000 tonnes is stored at LEPI, our warehousing subsidiary, which then carries out the cracking process. This operation requires a great deal of organisational work, because the machine must always be fed and the waste pallets and big bags must be managed quickly and correctly to avoid dust.