Pellet - a source of energy for the future

With the decline in the fuel oil market, distributors are diversifying and marketing new products such as pellets. Pellet is a fuel produced by compacting dried and compressed wood by-products. French production is currently around 800,000 tonnes a year.

The pellets are delivered in pallets, big bags or in bulk to storage facilities equipped with augers.DSC_0005


The Brun Group, via its subsidiary Blondel, has become involved in bulk distribution via a 14.5t forwarder with a 2-bar pressurisable tank, fitted with a 900m3/H soundproof compressor and on-board weighing equipment.uée with commercial transaction


DSC_0009The products are transferred via two flexible hoses: one connected to the unloading port, the other to the "vent" and connected to a hoover which collects the dust. The delivery driver operates the pressure and depressurisation levers to control the speed of unloading, so as to ensure that the product is unloaded without clogging.