Servanin, experts in the transport of hazardous materials, is teaming up with Veolia and Tredi for a major new assignment. 

Servanin, experts in the transport of hazardous materials, is teaming up with Veolia and Tredi for a major new assignment.   

Servanin is launching a new activity in response to the needs of two major companies in the Lyon area: Veolia (SIRA site at Chasse-sur-Rhône) and Tredi (based at Salaise-sur-Sanne and Saint-Vulbas).  

This four-way agreement between Servanin, Veolia, Tredi and Air Liquide reflects the confidence placed in Servanin, which has been transporting air gases for Air Liquide for several years. 

Air Liquide has suggested to its customers Veolia and Tredi that they call on Servanin for the transport and delivery of milk of lime. 

Milk of lime: a versatile solution for neutralising acids 

Milk of lime is produced from acetylene, which is itself the result of an exothermic reaction between calcium carbide and water.  

Milk of lime is loaded with impurities, but is an effective solution for neutralising the acids present in various industrial processes.

Thanks to its alkaline properties, milk of lime enables acid residues to be eliminated in a safe and controlled way, helping to preserve the integrity of industrial installations.   

Milk of lime: an ecological approach that encourages the reuse of residues   

In addition to its essential role in neutralising acids, milk of lime offers a major environmental advantage. 

Milk of lime is a by-product often considered to be industrial waste. 

Servanin, is helping to recycle this waste by giving it a second life. 

Véolia and Tredi, major players in energy transformation.   

> Tredibased in Salaise-sur-Sanne and Saint-Vulbas, in the Lyon region, is a waste management services company.  

> The site SIRA of Véoliabased in Chasse-sur-Rhône (38), is a hazardous waste treatment and recovery centre. 

For 40 years, SIRA has been receiving water contaminated with organic products (e.g. hydrocarbon water), acids or bases containing heavy metals. 

The geographical proximity of these two players means that Servanin can transport and deliver its milk of lime with fewer journeys and therefore fewer greenhouse gas emissions.   

Servanin invests in a pump and dedicates human and material resources to Veolia and Tredi   

To meet the specific needs of Veolia and Tredi, Servanin has made a strategic investment by acquiring a specialised pump exclusively for this customer. This removable pump guarantees safe and efficient transfer of milk of lime. 

Servanin is also dedicating a tractor and tanker unit and a driver to this new activity, to meet the daily needs of Veolia and Tredi. 

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