Successful delivery of offshore equipment by Specilor

Successful delivery of offshore equipment by SPECILOR

From 2 to 10 May, SPECILOR carried out an unprecedented mission with a large-scale delivery for an offshore site. In collaboration with the DDTM and the ports of Toulon and Porto Torres, we transported a compressor, a lithium battery and various accessories, destined for wind farm or offshore drilling projects, for our customer ATLAS COPCO Rental.

Here's a look back at this exceptional operation.


A Logistics Challenge Successfully Met

The shipment, using two ADR units - one flatbed and one low-loader - began in Boom, Belgium, and ended in Arbatax, Sardinia. This is the first time that SPECILOR has undertaken such a long journey for the intermodal shipment of ADR equipment. The operation required a month of meticulous preparation, and close collaboration between operators and customers to coordinate combined road and sea transport.


The particularities of transport

The routing involved several key stages:

  • Distance and Complexity : An unprecedented journey for SPECILOR, marking an important milestone in our ability to manage complex, long-distance expeditions.
  • First Ferry Crossing : Using the ferry to transport our vehicles, a first for SPECILOR.
  • International Coordination : Working with port entities and constraints linked to public holidays and embarkation dates.


Collaboration and Expertise

Two of our drivers were mobilised for a whole week, demonstrating once again the skill and dedication of our team. Their expertise was crucial in overcoming the challenges posed by transporting dangerous goods over such a long distance.


A success for the future

This successful mission not only represents a logistical achievement for SPECILOR, but also a test for future larger-scale deployments of offshore equipment. By meeting this challenge, we have demonstrated our ability to offer reliable and safe transport solutions for complex projects.


Environment and Innovation

Transporting this specialist equipment also helps to develop sustainable energy solutions at sea. By supporting offshore wind projects, SPECILOR is committed to a greener, more environmentally-friendly future.

Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming missions and our innovations in offshore transport.