Through its subsidiaries Becquet and Salt, Brun-Invest has built up a solid reputation in bunkering ships with both DML and heavy fuel oil.
Bunkering is a very special profession in the distribution of hydrocarbons. It requires :
- Experienced drivers: taking samples for MARPOL regulations, filling in customs documents, managing supplies and dockside movements.
- Precise operation: knowledge of quays (not all are accessible by lorry), knowledge of shipping agents, flexibility due to weather contingencies (cancellation of orders, vessel delays, etc.).
- Reliable equipment: Drainage must be avoided because water pollution is difficult to control.
BRUN INVEST Group Commercial Photos Brun Invest has also developed special equipment: a single-compartment tank with a nominal capacity of 40,000 litres, fitted with a 35-metre hose reel to avoid having to connect hoses over the sea. What's more, the mouvex pump is coupled to an Atex radio control system that avoids the need to go back and forth on the often slippery quays and decks of boats, by remotely triggering the unloading and stopping of the pump.