Air gases

Air gases are essential to our way of life today, playing a vital role in a multitude of applications, from health to industry!

Over the past 40 years, the Brun Group has built up considerable expertise in meeting the demand for transporting these air gases.
We are committed to ensuring that these essential resources reach their destinations safely and responsibly.

Thanks to our drivers who have been trained in the specific features of this business, we can supply our customers throughout France and part of Europe with cryogenic gas in ADR-certified tanks.

Which air gases are transported and delivered?

How are air gases air gases delivered?

We transport air gases by carrier and semi-trailer in bulk or packaged form.
We have our own tankers, but we also tow our customers' tanks.

Our motor vehicles are fitted with specific on-board equipment to supply the pumps for unloading the semi-trailers. So deliveries can be made completely independently.

We are also qualified to carry out specific maintenance on our customers' cryogenic tanks, whether on the Black Part or the White Part.

The drivers assigned to transport these hazardous materials undergo specific training, and numerous tests are carried out before they are approved by our customers, including nuclear power stations, airports and military sites.

In addition, they must be authorised at certain recipients such as nuclear power stations, airports and military sites.

Thanks to its experience, the Brun Group now has a pool of qualified drivers throughout France to respond to exceptional operations organised by our customers.

Our coordinators and operators work daily to optimise resources in order to guarantee the just-in-time deliveries entrusted to us.

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