The Brun Invest group is diversifying into a buoyant business: waste transport.

We transport site excavations, clean soil and polluted soil.
Origin :
Roadworks and other networks
Demolition of buildings
Soil decontamination

Some polluted soil and other excavated material is redirected to specialised landfill sites that can accept this type of product.Amplifier roll

Sometimes these products pass through depollution centres before being put back on the market.

Among the products that are not polluted, a distinction must be made between those that can be recycled and those that cannot.

Inert materials that cannot be recycled are landfilled in quarries or other sites that can accept them.

Recyclable inert materials are sorted as they arrive on site and are reprocessed in a quarry facility, to be transformed into different cuts of aggregate.
Some of our quarrying customers also receive building site rubble at their aggregates depots, which are supplied with quarry products by our units. When we are working on this type of depot, we use steel tippers to transport quarry products to supply the depots, and on the return journey, we transport the excavated material to the quarries for burial or treatment.

Several Group subsidiaries are already working in this market, including Salt, Servanin and Mazet Mercier.

This subsidiary is established in the public works sector, in particular transporting aggregates by tipper, and has diversified into waste transport as a complement, because our customers were very demanding.
MAZET MERCIER began by transporting polluted soil, and has since diversified into the transport of demolition waste (soil mixed with asbestos cement, asbestos big bags, etc.).
The equipment used for this type of transport includes tippers, tarpaulins and Ampliroll carriers. New equipment was added to the company's fleet in 2015.
Turnover from this activity has doubled in the last two years, and now accounts for almost 5% of the company's turnover. Waste transport is becoming a cross-functional activity, with all 3 MAZET MERCIER sites (Limay, Rouen and Nantes) carrying out this type of transport.