The Brun Invest Group and its subsidiaries are implementing increasingly sophisticated QHSSE policies to prevent accidents. It is particularly committed to combating the use of mobile phones and other connected devices. For example, the phones on our tractors are switched off as soon as the drivers start driving.
According to recent studies, a driver on the phone has his attention reduced by 30%, has longer reaction times and has his field of vision reduced by 50%, even if he is using a hands-free kit. There are plenty of examples in the world of transport, but only one is needed: in May 2014, a vehicle belonging to a general goods transport company in the Marne region of France collided with several vehicles, killing 2 people and hospitalising 6 others. The cause: the use of a mobile phone; the driver had made 5 calls, sent 29 text messages and received 19 text messages, the last of which was a few seconds before the collision.
Some of our subsidiaries - Blondel, Jung and Specilor - took part in the signing of the "Eyes on the Road" charter in Gerardmer at the end of last year, in the presence of the prefect's chief of staff and representatives of various federations. The aim of the charter is to provide an innovative and effective response to the road risks associated with the use of smartphones.
The first phase of this campaign will take place using a simulator that drivers will test. This simulator will analyse driving reaction times when using mobile phones, among other things. The second phase will involve raising the awareness of principals so that they do not make demands on their employees while they are driving.